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For decades, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been at the forefront of promoting child rights, ensuring the well-being of children worldwide, and advocating for their protection and development. With its unwavering commitment to creating a better future for every child, the UNICEF internship offers an exceptional opportunity for young individuals to be part of this noble mission through its Internship Program.

if you are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children and communities around the world and looking to gain valuable experience in the field of international development and humanitarian work, a UNICEF internship could be your gateway to creating meaningful change.

In this article, we will explore what a UNICEF internship entails, the benefits it offers, and the remarkable opportunities it provides for personal and professional growth.

What is UNICEF?

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) originally known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is a United Nations agency dedicated to providing assistance and support to children in need worldwide.

Established in 1946, UNICEF works tirelessly to promote the rights and wellbeing of children, especially those living in disadvantaged and crisis-affected regions.From delivering life-saving vaccines and providing access to clean water to advocating for children’s rights and protection, UNICEF plays a pivotal role in shaping a better future for the world’s most vulnerable population.

What is a UNICEF Internship?

UNICEF internship is a unique opportunity for young individuals who are eager to contribute to global humanitarian efforts and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of UNICEF’s work.

The internship program aims to offer a platform for students, recent graduates, and young professionals to immerse themselves in the organization’s activities and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by children and communities in different parts of the world.

Benefits of a UNICEF Internship

Participating in a UNICEF internship offers a host of valuable benefits, including:

Meaningful Impact: Interns actively contribute to projects that directly impact the lives of children and communities, contributing to UNICEF’s global mission.

Learning Opportunities: Interns gain firsthand knowledge of international development, humanitarian work, and the complexities of addressing global challenges.

Professional Development: Working alongside experts in their respective fields, interns acquire new skills, enhance their resumes, and build a professional network.

Cross-Cultural Experience: Interning at UNICEF allows individuals to work in a diverse and inclusive environment, collaborating with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds.

Inspiring Work Environment: Being part of a mission-driven organization, interns are motivated by the commitment and passion of their colleagues, inspiring them to pursue a career in social impact.

Expenses we cover: UNICEF offers interns a monthly stipend, and they may receive a one-time lump sum for travel and visa expenses if funds are available

Visa: If necessary, UNICEF will provide relevant supporting documents for our visa application

Internship Duration: 6-26 weeks

Eligibility Requirements for the UNICEF Internship

the eligibility requirement for the internship includes:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or PhD program, or have graduated within the past two years.
  • Proficient in at least one of UNICEF’s working languages (English, French, or Spanish. Fluency in the working language of the office you are applying to may also be required.
  • Applicant must have no immediate relatives (e.g., father, mother, brother, sister) working with UNICEF, or any other relatives in your reporting line of authority.
  • Have strong academic performance and motivation
  • Additional consideration will be given to any professional experience relevant to the function you’re applying for.

How to Apply

UNICEF Internship opportunities are offered throughout the year.

T:o apply candidates visit the UNICEF website and browse through the available internship opportunities.

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